Sunday, February 24, 2008

Christmas Morning

I love Christmas morning. I love the anticipation on the kids faces and watching them come running in to see what Santa has brought and the excitement as they see their new toys. They loved opening all their presents. Brooklyn got an I-dog and mp3 player. She had been talking about it for months. That is all she wanted. Clayton never told us what he wanted and whenever we asked he said he didn't know. He did love his remote control FJ Cruiser he got and his BYU jersey from Maren and John was his favorite. BrynLee had always asked for a Hannah Montana guitar. A couple of days before Christmas she told my mom she wanted the Hannah Montana Wig. Go figure she would change her mind right before. We kept telling her that she couldn't change her mind because Santa already had all the presents. She didn't seem disappointed with the guitar. I guess as long as it says Hannah Montana on it she would have been happy. Easton got a wagon, and loved it. It has been my saving grace. He will sit and play it for hours. I can clean my whole house with him playing in it as long as we are in the same room.


Wilson Family said...

I'm so glad that you updated your blog. It's been a while.. for me too. I just updated my blog. It's been about 2 months so don't feel bad. We sure miss you guys and hope all is well.

Jess B. said...

Yay Megan, a new post! I have stopped checking! LOL Your fam is so cute and growing up. We miss you guys. The ward isn't the same, although it did split and you guys wouldn't have been in ours now. :( Keep up the posting and leave us a comment sometime!

Blondie said...

HS, you need to send me your phone #'s and e-mail address again. I lost my cell a few months ago and I must have entered your e-mail wrong. That way I can call ya too!