Saturday, April 5, 2008

Not so smart

I thought I was being pretty clever by uploading several sets of pictures to the drafts section and then when I got a chance I could quickly write about each event. Didn't know that all the pictures you upload in the same day will also stay under that date. When you publish them they don't come up in the same order you publish them in. So if you want to look, there are more pictures under the Feb. 25 date. I guess I am not as smart as I thought I was.

Stadium of Fire 2008

Every 4th of July Provo puts on this fun firework show with great entertainment. This year they got Hannah Montana and the Blue Man Group to come. My mom called Thursday night and told us that tickets went on sell Friday at 5:00 and they were going to go fast. All my family and extended family wanted to go so everyone was going to try and get tickets for everyone. You could only buy 8 tickets at a time maximum 25 tickets, so whoever got through (if anyone did) would get as many tickets as they could. Friday at 4:25 my sister called and said to get on the computer because they had a waiting room online. Right at 5:00 I was able to get in and get my first set of 8 tickets and then I thought they would put you in the back of the line, but I was able to get my next 8 tickets. I got 16 total and then they were sold out. I think they sold out in less than 15 minutes. I got on the phone to see if anyone else was able to get them. My one sister was able to get 13 before they sold out. I had an aunt and a cousin almost get 8 but they got kicked off while they were trying to pay. We had about 12 computers going to try and get tickets and only 2 of us got through. We did however get 29 tickets which is enough for everyone that wanted to go. We are so excited to be going. The kids are going to love it. When Brooklyn found out she started running around the house screaming the highest she could possibly scream. BrynLee was so funny. She thinks she actually gets to meet her "rock star".