Monday, January 24, 2011

Easton's 4th Birthday

I can't believe my baby is already 4. Happy Birthday Big Guy!!! We love you.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Halloween 2010

I was all prepared to have each of my kids be whatever they wanted this year, so I was shocked when they all wanted to match. We did a Bronco football theme. Brooklyn was the Bronco's number #1 fan, Clayton was Champ Bailey, BrynLee was a Bronco Cheerleader, and Easton wanted to be a football player. I didn't think they made uniforms that small but apparantly they do and he love it.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

What's Been Keeping Us Busy For The Last 6 Months

WARNING!! I think this would be in the running for the longest post ever if there was ever a contest. It has been so crazy around here lately. I guess that's what happens with four kids and all of their activities.

In February Brooklyn started playing on a competitive soccer team, DH Lightning. She had a fun first season with them and even managed to score several goals.

In March Clayton started playing little league. He got on a team with several of his friends and they did pretty good. I think he even managed to play every position except for outfield.
Clayton was #1.

Towards the end of one of the games they were having a city celebration and they started shooting off fireworks. We had to pause the game because non of the boys were paying attention. Several ball rolled past the kids because they were too busy watching the fireworks.

BrynLee also played soccer.

She was more interested in skipping down the field and running past the ball, but she still had a good time. She was very entertaining to watch.

We kept Clayton pretty busy because during baseball season he was also in the middle of soccer season. There was one game that his cousins showed up too and he wanted to impress them. He ended up scoring 3 goals on breakaways pretty quick. The next time it happened he tried to pass with his left foot and ended up kicking it in the goal. He loves playing both sports and I hate to make him choose just 1 right now.

In May all of my family and Jay's parents came to St. George to see Brian Regan at the Tuachan. So much fun. This is our second year going and if he comes again we will be there again.

Me and My Sisters

Clayton won a couple of awards at the end of the school year. His favorite was the "First in Math" for the whole entire school. He had the most points. I could never get him off the program and he is already looking forward to when they start it back up. He also got an award for scoring pretty high on the core tests.

Brooklyn also won an award for passing off her blue book (had to do with US History). She has to memorize the Preamble, the Presidents, the Gettsburg Address, the states and capitals, the Continents, the Star Spangled Banner, and other things that I can't remember. Pretty impressive for a 5th grader and not a whole lot of 5th graders did it.

BrynLee also took a gymnastic class from a cute girl in our neighborhood. She learned quite a bit and loved it. She wants to be a cheerleader.

BrynLee and her teacher Miss Ashley.

In June we took a family vacation to Sea World and the beach for a couple of days.

The Shamu Show was our favorite!!!

All of the grandkids on the Shamu car.

Our family with Shamu.

Gaga and Bumper (Jay's parents) with the grandkids.

Brooklyn's 11th birthday. This year instead of parties we took the kids to lunch and then gave them money to go shopping. I loved having this one on one time with each of the kids.

In June Brooklyn's team went to the Summer Games in Cedar City. They ended up taking 4th overall in their group. They ended up losing by 1 point at the last minute in the Bronze metal match.

Brooklyn after opeing ceremonies.

Maddie, Riley, and Brooklyn

Clayton ended up making the Washington Little League All-Star Team. He was so excited. They got to go to a tournament in Cedar and they also got trophies. They had a lot of fun.

Easton loves Clayton and wants to be just like him!!

Grandma Camp 2010. My mom takes the older grandkids for about 4 days. This year my sister also took Easton during that time so me and Jay had some relaxing alone time. Nest year my mom is taking Easton too. WHOOHOOO!!

Clayton's 9th Birthday! He want a lamborgini car brownie cake. This was the best I could do.

BrynLee's 7th Birthday! She loves Princess and the Frog. Thanks Maren for helping me with the cake. It took forever.

We finished a room in our basement for our niece Felicia. She moved in with us while she is going to Dixie. We love having her here. It is my most favorite room in the house (maybe because it is the only completely finished room in our house).

24th of July in Beaver. One of my favorites and I am glad that we are close enough to still do it. I love the parade, the races, the games , and hanging out with family. This year Brooklyn got 2nd, Clayton got 4th, BrynLee got 2nd, and Easton got 1st. Way to go kids.

We found this cool bike at my grandparents house and rode around on it for hours. I have already claimed inheritance on it.
BrynLee finally lost her 2 front teeth, with the helkp of her brother. LOL.

Brooklyn's first day of 6th grade. Crazy to think that I have a child in intermediate school.
She loves it.

Clayton's first day of 4th grade.

Brynlee's first day of 2nd grade.

Easton's first day preschool.

This is has been our life for the past 6 months, but I have loved every minute of it. I love watching our kids grow and learn new things. Now that the kids are back in school I am hoping to get some projects done including the girls room that I started 6 months ago and haven't finished. Oh well!