Saturday, November 15, 2008

1st Day of School

Here's the first day of school pictures from August. Brooklyn started 4th grade, Clayton started started 2nd, and BrynLee started Kindergarten. They love the teachers they got this year. I put BrynLee in afternoon Kindergarten in hopes of Easton sleeping for a little while so I can get something done in the afternoon. It has only worked a couple of times with everything that has gone on in the last couple of months, but we are getting there.


Jess ♥'s Joel said...

Hey Megan! I am lovin' all the updates. Your kids are as cute as ever. And getting so big. Are you guys lovin St George? We are in the interview process and tried to get into St G but haven't heard back yet:( We may just stay in Gilbert. Are you planning any trips down here soon? We'd ♥ to see you!

John and Maren said...

Cute! I love updates! Huzzah!