Sunday, April 5, 2009


It has been so crazy around here lately. I'm starting to get a glimpse of what life will be like having all your kids in several activities, going to school functions, and doing your church calling. I am already trying to see what I can cut out and SIMPLIFY life. I am looking forward to summer vacation and not having to worry about anything that has to do with school for awhile.

Brooklyn had been taking hip hop lessons for awhile and decided to she wanted to stick with soccer. She really enjoys playing and is doing quite well. Her team this year is 4th/5th/6th graders. Most of her team is 4th graders, but they have outplayed most of the other teams. They have only lost 1 game. She also likes track. Her school had a track meet and she qualified to go to the district track meet in the 50 yard dash. Brooklyn is also our accident prone child. A couple of weeks ago, in church no less, she bonked heads with one of her friends and busted her lip. Jay hurried and ran her home during Sunday School stitched her up(6th set of stitches) and was back by Young Mens to teach his lesson.

Clayton has been keeping busy. He finished up basketball in Feb. and went right into playing soccer and baseball. Last year the seasons didn't overlap. This year the whole season overlaps. He does baseball on Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat and soccer on Thurs/Sat. He really enjoys both and we love watching him play but he might have to pick one next year. One day after school he came home and I don't know how he did it, but he somehow fell and hit his mouth on one of our cabinets. I know his teeth were not loose (maybe they were close) but within 2 days he had lost his two front teeth. He was more excited about losing another tooth. It has been over a year since he lost his last one.

BrynLee is growing up so fast. She is almost done with Kindergarten. I can't believe she will be going to 1st grade next year. She was excited to play soccer like Brooklyn and Clayton this year. She only wanted to play because she wanted the treat after the game, but she really has enjoyed playing. She has also been taking a cheer class. She really likes this class, but it is hard to get her there sometimes because it about 15 minutes away. We are going to find a closer class this fall. She also is learning to ride her bike. She is a little timid but picking it up pretty quick. BrynLee finally lost her first tooth. One morning we were sitting at breakfast (this was an hour after waking up and we didn't notice anything) and Clayton said "BrynLee is missing a tooth". She didn't have any loose teeth, but had complained for a couple of weeks about 1 hurting. I just assumed she had a cavity and needed to go to the dentist. We were also having chocolate chip muffins for breakfast so I just assumed it was chocolate on her teeth. I looked closer and sure enough she was missing one. We looked all over for the tooth and never did find it. We think that when she bit into her muffin it came out and she swallowed it. She didn't care she was so excited about losing her first tooth. She didn't even care that she didn't get to put her first tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy because mom gave her a dollar. BrynLee also says the funniest things. I just wish I would remember to write everything down. The other day Clayton brought a Ripley's Believe It Or Not book home from the library(first picture). SHe said "That is so gross." I asked her if it was the tatoos. She said no. I asked her if it was the green skin. She said no. I asked her if it was the pierced nose. She said no. I asked her what was so gross. She said "The hair on his chest is so gross". I haven't laughed so hard for awhile.

Easton is growing right before our eyes. He keeps us laughing and on our toes. If he is quiet he is definately into trouble. A couple of weeks ago I was getting ready and it was too quiet. It may not look like it, but I really was only in my bedroom for less than 5 minutes. I came out to check on him and he had found a marker and the girls glitter chapstick. The chapstick was like vaseline, but stickier. I through him in the tub and kept washing and washing. It just kept smearing. Let's just say he had to wear a hat for the next few days so that people wouldn't mistake him for a girl. He was covered from head to toe in glitter and his clothes evern had glitter on them. He also had a fun birthday. He loves trains so he got a train cake. We have so many toys and he had just discovered Clayton's train he got when he was 3 so Jay made him a train table for his birthday. He spends a lot of time in the playroom with it. We have found some tracks to make it a little bigger. (If anyone is getting rid of geo trax trains I am looking for some more to add on.)
Likes: His blanket, Curious George animal, trains, planes, cake, fruit snacks, baths, helping mom cook, sports, Wall-E
Dislikes: The car wash (screams bloody murder every time), getting out of the bath, and meat

For my birthday this year I wanted to surprise my sister and go visit her in Alabama. I got my ticket for the weekend of March 22 because my niece was getting baptized that weekend. I don't know how she didn't find out ( I dropped several accidental hints), but I kept the secret for 3 months. Jay took 5 days off work so I could go. It was so fun to be able to go visit and to take a little break from everyday life. I came home to a couple of surprises. Not only did Jay entertain the kids for 5 days and do some laundry, but I came home to a finished back splash in my kitchen, and he put shingles on the roof of our playhouse. Thank you Jay for doing this for me. Love you.

In January we bought tickets to some of the concert series at the Tuachan. We went to our first one this last week. We got to see Julianne Hough. She did a really good job. There was one song where the introduction seemed longer than usual. After about 30 seconds she stopped the band and she like" I am just going to come out and admit this. I forgot the words to the song". I guess you had to be there but it was pretty funny. She asked the audience if we knew the words. She tried to sing it a couple of times, but finally gave up. For being so young she is quite the entertainer. It's nice to have something so close to where you can go see these concerts for a decent price. Next one is Brian Regan. Can't wait.

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Jess ♥'s Joel said...

♥ the post and the catch up. I have no idea if you ever check our blog anymore ;) Life with 4 kids is crazy busy huh?! You look great, Megan! I ♥ your outfit in the pic w/ your niece! It's fun to still keep in touch with you guys. We are coming up to UT in June so maybe we can somehow hook up! Tell Jay and the kids we all said hi.