Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Soccer 2008

I've been meaning to play catch up this summer with blogging, but it has been too crazy around here. The sell of our house fell through a week and a half before we were supposed to be out. Of all things that we thought would and could go wrong we never thought that the appraisal would be an issue. With the market the way it is and all the houses that are foreclosing, it hurt the appraisal. With an appraisal you only have to use 3 houses and the guy that did our appraisal used 6 houses and 4 were foreclosures. You throw out 1 or 2 of the houses and we would have been right where we needed to be. We wanted to get another appraisal and the couple buying our house didn't want to, they wanted the lower price so they walked. We were so mad. We were so close to closing and half of our house was boxed up. After a couple of days of cooling off we decided that this could be a blessing in disguise. We would have lost about 1/2 the money we put down on the house. So now our house is up for rent and hopefully in a couple of years the market will pick back up and we will sell our house and get our money back out of it. The only downfall to this is that our backyard will be a big pile of dirt for the next couple of years. The kids are going to love it more than we will. So after a busy summer of packing, trying to build a house, trying to sell a house, traveling and ignoring my kids, I am ready for school to start (my kids are too, they are about ready to rip each other's heads off) so that I can get caught up on the many things I ignored all summer, including our blog.
These pictures are from soccer this past spring. Brooklyn and Clayton both played in the city league. Brooklyn's team only lost 1 game and it was a forfeit over spring break. She really picked up on the game this year and was a lot more coordinated than last year. She even scored her first couple of goals this year. Her team got first in the league and got a trophy. She was so excited. She has decided that soccer is her thing. Clayton's team played really well also, but only won 1 game. They finally won the last game and Clayton scored 3 out of the 5 goals. One of the games the city changed the time on their schedule and didn't tell us so his whole team ended up showing up at the wrong time. They had already missed their game. There was a girls team (It was a 2nd and 3rd grader team and our kids were preschool/Kindergarten/1st) that needed a team to play because the one they were supposed the play didn't show up. Our boys wanted to play so they played the girls team. It was funny to watch because these girls were at least a head taller than most of these boys. But they had fun playing them and did really good against them.

Clayton was one of the only ones brave enough to get in the middle of the girls.

Clayton as goalie.

Here's Brooklyn so excited after scoring one of her goals.


John and Maren said...

Love your new blog! It's way cute!

Jess B. said...

It's so fun to hear more from you and to catch up on your lives and kiddos! So sorry about the house. THAT STINKS! I am sure it'll all work out soon when you are settled in your new place. Your kids are getting so big. How is Jay liking his job in UT? Are you glad you moved to St George? I still think about ending up there....
Keep up on the new posts! ;)

Diana said...

What a bummer on the house! So you must be moved into your new house? Can't wait to see the picts! Soccer looked fun for your kids. Are you enjoying the 110 degrees? Give me a call when you're up this way!

Heidi-Ho said...

Hi gang, You might not remember me....but I just have to ask Jayme one thing.......have you stuck anymore straws up your nose??? Ryan and I are doing great and adding on in Feb. Stop on by my blog (it's not very exciting) and say "hi".