Thursday, June 25, 2009

Biggest Loser Bootcamp

A couple of weeks ago we went up to the rec. center to play volleyball and we found out that Filipe and Scione from this past season of the Biggest Loser were going to be doing a 3 day bootcamp there. Being a huge fan of the show I had to sign up. It was a pretty fun experience to hear about their life and their time on the ranch. They also worked us out all 3 nights. I was pretty sore after those 3 days, but it was all worth it. They ended the camp with a little entertainment. For all those American Idol fans Taylor from Hurricane, Utah who was a top 36 finalist came and performed for us. The group that put this camp on (EvaZing) also performed some of their Island music which was also really fun. Filipe and Scione are now traveling with EvaZing putting on these camps. They are headed to Vegas, Phoenix (where they are from), and Salt Lake that I know of. They are just getting their group started (Washington, Utah was their first stop) but if you want to find out more go to If you get a chance it really is worth it.

Scione talking to us.

Filipe talking to us.

Mike who was a finalist on the show was at a resort with his brother Max (who is there trying to lose weight) nearby and stopped by.

Filipe and Scione singing with EvaZing.

Taylor singing "The Climb".

The second night I had to take the kids to the daycare because Jay had to work. You would have thought they had died and gone to heaven. We got our picture taken with them and then the next day I had them developed and took them back the last night and had them sign the pictures. The kids also got their autograph. They kept begging me to take them back for the last night.

Scione, Me, and Filipe

It really was a fun experience. I was star struck the whole week and I am finally coming down off my high. Now if I can just stay motivated to exercise and eat right!!!

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